Photo by  AGS Photo Art

Photo by AGS Photo Art


I am a fine art calligrapher and writer living in Monterey, California, with my Navy husband and our Shiba Inu, Poppy.

Calligraphy is a way for me to slow down and focus on one thing at a time: One line becomes a letter, a letter becomes a word, and a word becomes a sentence.

My hope for others is that my calligraphy gives others pause, like noticing something in a new way. Words are powerful and I seek to change the way they are seen so they can sink a little deeper into human hearts.

Phoenix Feathers

The name Phoenix Feathers Calligraphy comes from a line in a poem that my husband wrote: “My only hope for flight is Phoenix Feathers.” 

So many things stop me from creating: a fear that I’ll be rejected. A fear that my mistakes would be glaringly obvious. A self awareness that there are a hundred people who have already done it and could do it better. 

But just as the Phoenix Bird is one that dies and is reborn, I put my fears to death so Creativity can live. For me, Phoenix Feathers are a symbol of freedom; it is the golden bird gleaming as its purest self. 

Through branding my greatest passion my greatest hope, I hope I, like the bird, would be free. Washed from fear. Reborn. 


Phoenix Feathers Calligraphy creates minimalist art for weddings and the everyday. 



Phoenix Feathers Calligraphy | Fine Art Calligrapher and Writer serving Monterey, Carmel-by-the-Sea, and Surrounding Areas

473 Alvarado St. Unit B, Monterey, CA