Building Your Brand: Dream Big

Hi Friends, 

Welcome my first blog series! One of the key missions of my blog is to simply share some of the knowledge and experience that I have for those of you that are starting a small business yourselves or own one. The series of this month is “Building Your Brand.” We’ll cover dreaming big, branding + visual branding, creating a mission statement, and finish the month with an interview from another small business owner! 


Today we’re talking about dreaming big. 

When I was younger, I wanted to be a teacher. I imagined myself as a cute English teacher talking with other intellectual people about classical authors while sipping wine in libraries. As I got older, I wanted to go into journalism. And then when I saw the realities of pain in this world, I wanted to become a therapist that helps others. But somewhere along the way, I picked up jobs in other various industries, and those industries lead to different opportunities. Then suddenly, I was nowhere that I wanted to be. 

Art was my safe place. I spent hours journaling and writing poems. I spent time with watercolor, sketching with charcoal, learning how to do calligraphy. It was my place of release. It was how I learned to unwind and be free.

These are some questions that helped me brainstorm what I wanted for my business. By answering these questions, I was able to shape Phoenix Feathers. I definitely have more work to do, but the following questions helped me to dig deep and dream big.

Exercise: Dream Big

Make a cup of coffee for yourself and sit down with some candlelight. 

Your Business

  • If you could have any dream business, what would it be? What would it become?

  • What would your dream business offer?

  • How would it be different from other similar businesses?

  • What are your personal goals?

  • What services would you offer?

  • What products would you offer? 



  • If your business were a store, what would people find inside of it? How would the store make them feel? Be descriptive. 

  • Imagine your ideal client. Who would you want to work with? What kind of interests would they have? What are their primary characteristics?

  • If your brand were a magazine, what kind of articles would be inside? What kind of images would be shown?

Your audience

  • Where does your audience shop? What makes them excited?

  • What is something your audience struggles with? Make a list.

  • What is the biggest hurdle they have to overcome to work with you?

  • What holds them back?

  • How does your product or service benefit your audience?

  • How does your audience feel after they connect with your service or product?

It’s not always easy to dream big about things you truly care about. I’d love to connect and hear more about what your visions are! Want some reminders to help cheer you on?