Building your Brand: Branding and Visual Branding


Continuing in our series of building your brand, today we’re talking about branding and visual branding. Your business branding is critical to attracting your target audience. The visual branding that you create only emphasizes that even further. 

Let's talk about brand vs. business. A business is the entity, but branding is the culture of that entity. If someone were to walk into a shop of your business, what objects would they find? What kind of people would be on the team? What are they wearing?

Other questions to consider are: 

  • What symbols or visuals would you want to be a part of your brand? 

  • What do you want people to feel after they interact with your brand?

A really cohesive way to show these aspects of your branding is to put it on one page. A brand board template will show your brand colors, your branding fonts, your logos, and visual images to help represent the mood of your branding. Here’s an example:

 In these branding pages, you see a cohesive excerpt of your brand in its totality. This is so helpful for others to understand your brand and what it is communicating.

Visual Branding

Sandra Chau from Sandra Chau Design is a creative director that shares a ton of helpful tips on her website and Instagram. In one of her free webinars, she recommends to go onto Pinterest and create a mood board for your brand. The goal is to choose images that matches your brand: create a visual mood board of how you want your brand to feel. She offers the option to print out those images to take pictures of them to create more content for your IG feed, but I found that taking the time to create intentional images for my brand was key. I highly recommend following her for more tips! She has plenty of free resources here.