Product Story: Calligraphy Banners

Product Story: Calligraphy Banners

What are they? 

One upcoming wedding trend I’m noticing are calligraphy banners utilized in weddings. Calligraphy banners are pieces that are printed or hand-lettered on a type of cloth (usually muslin or canvas), and hung for decor . They are used as wedding aisle runners, event backdrops, and as proposal props. Photographers are opting to use them for photoshoot backdrops (my personal favorite) or for flatlays. Smaller versions can be used as home decor or welcome signs.

Photo by  Jenna Joseph

Photo by Jenna Joseph

Why did you make them?

When my husband and I got married, I hand-lettered our ceremony backdrop. It was a 24 foot ivory scroll of the Song of Solomon that hung from the ceiling and rolled onto the floor past the steps. The inspiration came from a verse from Song of Solomon:  “He brought me into the banqueting house, and his banner over me is love.” 

That is what I want for brides to feel when they stand beneath my calligraphy banners. Whether it’s used a ceremony backdrop or as a welcome sign, my hope is that their placement would be a banner of love for the couple. Let it be something that declares the union of two people in love. 

Banners aren’t exclusive to weddings and events, but can also be used for the everyday. “You are enough” banner is a gentle reminder in the home that our worth is not dependent on our actions, but that we are loved as we are. “Feel all the feels” is something that my husband and I had to learn how to do in our marriage: it is a phrase that reminds us that it is okay to feel feelings. It is okay to be angry, experience sadness, or feel disappointment. We can feel the entire range of emotions; our emotions are a guide that, when processed correctly, can lead us to a place of healing. “As for me and my house,” is a banner of declaration. It is the mission statement of a home for all who see it. 


How were they made? 

All of my calligraphy banners are handmade. I personally cut the fabric and hand letter the words. I was once caught sawing the wooden dowels in half (one side on my thigh and the other on the floor with the saw pulling towards my body), and then reprimanded and told to never do it again (which is wise, since I nearly cut my thumb off). I take leftover muslin and tea stain it in my kitchen. Afterwards, I let the ribbon dry on my patio so the whisps are carried by the wind. I assembled everything by hand, and then steam them if needed.


My banners are my biggest passion because they represent love.

I’d love to have one of my pieces be a part of your wedding, event, or home.